Adult Learner and Workforce Development

Are you an adult seeking to begin or resume higher education? Perhaps you are interested in finding the professions that best match your interests, or need assistance making a career change? The resources listed below can help in these, and other, situations.

Adult Learner

High School Completer
Earn your high school diploma through the Adult High School program or GED Tests.

First Time College Student
Are you an adult student who has decided to pursue higher education?

Transfer Student
Return to school as a transfer student, or transfer from one institution to another.

Adult Student Services
Contact an admissions officer at the school of your choice to discuss special options that may exist for adults seeking to continue their education.

Workforce Development

Explore Careers
Research careers to find the one that is right for you.

Nursing Careers
Explore the fast-growing field of nursing.

Enrich and empower the lives of others.

Explore Financial Aid

Explore Financial Aid Options
Assistance is available to make college possible.

Featured Resources

College Graduate Pipeline
View reports detailing the number of college graduates produced in North Carolina by Degree and Major awarded.