Mold Maker

Mold makers must have good communication skills in order to deal with clients. You have to make sure that what you are creating is exactly what the client wants.

You are an apprentice mold maker. You have been asked to reproduce a silver soldier for a game company as a prototype. They want to know what you will be doing. You must explain it to them in a clear and concise way.

Using the following information, write an explanation about what you do. Try to keep it under 100 words.

  • Read and interpret blueprints
  • Measure product to be reproduced
  • Calculate how much metal will be required to fill mold
  • Calculate the size of the mold required to meet the size of the end product
  • Assemble and test molds
  • Pour metal into mold
  • Disassemble mold and remove finished product
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    National Tooling and Machining Association