About a dozen people work for your company, Big Peak Roofing. Most are reliable.

However, one of your new employees, Dwayne, has been late several times. He was hired just a month ago, and you've asked him repeatedly to be on time. Once or twice he's even shown up looking like he hadn't slept.

Last week, you warned him he'd be fired if he showed up late again. He's just arrived an hour late. You've decided not to give him any more chances.

You want to be professional about firing him. You take pride in how you treat your employees. Also, you know other people who have been sued because they didn't handle a firing properly.

A management course you took last year mentioned the following tips for firing employees:

  • Give the employee a written termination notice reviewing the disciplinary history and events leading to the termination.
  • If you're firing for a cause, have the relevant facts at your fingertips and explain how they violate company policy.
  • Be direct with the statement that the employee is being terminated. Don't be vague with a term such as "layoff."
  • If you're firing for cause, make sure that this termination matches past practices for similar conduct.
  • Be non-confrontational. Don't get into an argument.
  • Be direct, calm and polite.

Keeping in mind the above tips, write down what you'll say to Dwayne.