Mr. Morris, the owner of a shoe store, wants his front window fixed. Condensation has been collecting between the panes of glass. You see right away that it can't be fixed.

The window is designed as a sealed unit. This means the two panes are built together, with a small space between them. The condensation shows there's air getting between the panes, so the seal is broken. When this happens to a sealed unit, there's no way to fix it.

You have to explain this to the customer. From past experience, you know you have to be careful how you tell the customer. Many people don't know much about windows. They can get quite upset when they find out their window can't be repaired. It's going to cost about $400 to replace it.

Also, you'll have to explain the window is going to take four or five days to replace. Sealed units have to be custom ordered because they vary widely in size.

You need to clearly explain the situation to Mr. Morris. If you're friendly and polite, you can minimize the chance he'll get upset. Write down what you'll say to him.