Numerical Control Technician-Programmer

In your job as a CNC programmer, you are working on a project for a client. The engineer has given you a blueprint to follow. Your responsibility is to write the computer program based on the information supplied in the blueprint. In essence, you have to create a 3D computerized drawing based on a two-dimensional image.

As you develop the 3D image, you become aware of a problem in the blueprints. If you create the part according to the blueprints, the part will be unworkable. It would be the equivalent of putting a Ken doll's head on a Barbie doll's body. Definitely not a good idea!

You realize that you will have to communicate the situation to the engineer. You will have to explain so he understands what the problem is, and you will have to ask him to provide new data.

Your past experience with this engineer has taught you that he can be impatient. You will need to present your information carefully and courteously.

You will also have to notify your shop foreman of the problem, since this could create a delay that will affect the production schedule.

How will you go about communicating the situation? Write a basic outline of what you want to say.