Insulation Worker

Insulation workers often work in teams, or crews. A supervisor does the work and acts as the bridge between the management of a company and its workers.

But the workers often face decisions of their own because they are the ones who come in contact with the work most.

You're part of a crew working on a job that involves insulating a building that has just undergone extensive renovations. The building is large, so you split the job up into smaller pieces.

You draw the 11th floor. You set up an area with your tools and supplies, turn on your radio for company and get to work.

A couple of hours into it, you notice that a pipe you are covering has an old covering still hanging from it. You recognize it as asbestos covering. There isn't much of it, but you look around and find a few more spots where the asbestos covering is hanging off the pipes.

You know the asbestos can be dangerous. But you also know that it will require a special crew to remove it, at a considerable cost to the customer. And it will take days if not weeks to scour the entire building for more asbestos.

What do you do?

Use a tool to knock it to the ground and kick it out of the wayImmediately stop work and tell your supervisor you will not work on the job again until all the asbestos is removedBring the problem to your supervisor's attention immediately, outlining your concerns about safety