Gas Fitter

Gas fitters are always dealing with the public. How they come across to people is important.

"You have to be friendly and explain everything in simple terms," says gas fitter Keith Fagnan.

Gas fitters get asked a lot of questions by their customers. One common question is: "How can I lower my heating bills in the winter?"

You're replacing a furnace for the Johnsons. Mr. Johnson asks if you have any tips on how to save money on heating bills. Write down what you'll tell him, covering the following seven points. Try to put them in your own words.

  1. Replace furnace filter in spring and fall to improve furnace efficiency.
  2. Repair cracked windows and putty older windows.
  3. Weatherstrip windows, doors and attic entrances.
  4. Use caulking to fill any cracks and openings in the house's foundation.
  5. Install thermostats that adjust the heat to your schedule.
  6. Insulate attics and walls.
  7. Install exterior storm windows.