Auto Racing Mechanic
You tell the driver to wait while you fix the tire.

You suddenly throw your hands up in the air, telling the driver to wait. You quickly get that last tire up to the psi it should be. Much to your surprise, the driver doesn't look confused. He looks confident and assured. He knows he's got a thorough team.

A couple of your teammates slap you on the back and say, "Good catch." One teammate, however, shakes his head at you. Your driver wins the race! At the party afterwards, many people shake your hand for realizing the tire wasn't up to par. The driver is very thankful, and says he understands sometimes that's how it goes, and he's glad he's got someone who had the guts to fix the problem.

"Decision-making skills are key," says Jessica Gilbank. She's the owner/operator of an all-female auto repair shop. "Often you have complaints or issues with vehicles that can be the result of two or more problems; therefore, you must be able to make decisions confidently and concisely. The other factor to good decision making is the simple fact that the trade is dangerous in that the wrong decision can have serious effects. For example, loose suspension, brakes, etc."