Proofreading Your Resume

Proofreading Your Resume


Students will learn proofreading techniques to improve the quality and accuracy of their writing generally, including their own resumes.


Students will be able to effectively proofread their resume and make appropriate changes.


-Access to the system
-A printout of each student's resume
-A copy of the Checking for Errors worksheet for each student

Introductory Activity

Ask students ahead of time to bring a printout of their resume to the class OR if you know that most of your students have never created a resume:

-Direct them to make notes at home about all their paid and unpaid work experience (dates, job titles, employers, addresses, etc.).
-Then guide them during one preliminary lesson in creating a resume using the system's Resume Builder. To access this feature from the Home page, have them select Plan - For a Career, then click the link to Get a Job, and then select the Resume Builder, which they will complete with their own information.
-Have them print out their resume.

Core Activities

1. Make sure all the students have a copy of the Checking for Errors worksheet and a printout of their resume.
2. Go through the worksheet with the students. Discuss the types of errors mentioned and other issues you can identify together.
3. Ask students to read through their resume carefully, looking for and marking up the mistakes you discussed. Have them refer to the worksheet for proofreading tips.
4. Once students have proofread their own resumes, ask them each to trade resumes with the person on their right. (A few will have to trade with the person behind them, etc.) Now they will proofread that other student's resume, marking in pencil any errors they find. Have them hand back the resumes to each other.
5. Tell the students to follow up by making the corrections to the computer version of their resume, too (in class, if possible).
6. Remind students to print out this amended electronic resume, too, and review it one more time to ensure that there are no new or uncorrected errors in the final version.