Where an esthetician works can impact the services they provide. Some spas, such as hair salons with spa rooms, tend to do more waxing, tinting and nails. These are faster services that do not require tranquility or "wet" rooms for body treatments. Larger spas often get more massages and facials. They are better equipped with change rooms and waiting areas for before and after treatments.

You are an esthetician at a medium-sized spa. Your spa is getting some interior design work done to update its look. Today, the tranquility room is under renovation. You are using a smaller, private room for body treatments. The spa is still open and the receptionist is making sure all the clients are aware of the renovations before they book a service.

Clients who come to your salon are used to the layout of the spa. It is a bit tricky to keep working during the renovations. But most of your clients are understanding -- until today. You've just finished doing a body wrap for a client. The client was used to changing in the change room, having the wrap done in the tranquility room, and then relaxing in another special area.

Today these areas are closed. So the client changed in the small, private room where you performed the wrap. The main waiting area is temporarily serving as the relaxation area. The receptionist told the client about the renovations, but she is not pleased. And she tells you all about it. She says she does not want to pay because the service was below the standard. She did not feel relaxed.

You talk with her about the service she received. You explain about the renovations. You remind her that the receptionist warned her about the renovations before she booked her hour-long appointment. But she does not care. She still does not want to pay you.

"Understanding people is an absolute. Making decisions is an absolute. You are a chemist, a detective, and a good listener. You will use every skill you possess on a daily basis," says Debra Heinsohn. She owns a skin care specialty salon in Dallas.

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