Power Systems Operator

As a power systems operator, you talk to a lot of people within your company. You also talk to customers, especially when there's a problem.

When customers call, it's usually because their power is out. They're not happy and they want answers. You need to keep your cool and explain the situation. And you need to reassure the customer, who might be angry and concerned.

A customer has called because she has lost her power. You know there was an accident on the highway. A truck hit a power pole. There's going to be a delay of a couple hours in repairing the line while police investigate.

The customer is on the line. She sounds very angry. "This is Mrs. Sykora at 123 Maple Lane. My power has been out for 20 minutes. I have $300 worth of steaks in my freezer that are going to be ruined. And I can't cook dinner. What the heck is going on?"

Write down what you'll say to her in this situation. Keep in mind the guidelines above.