Industrial Pipe and Steamfitter

You have just been hired to do pipefitting for a manufacturing plant. You will be working with Adam, another pipefitter. Adam has been with the company for five years.

You know that he isn't keen on having you around. Until now, he has been the only pipefitter in the shop and he doesn't want interference from somebody new.

One of your tasks is to take a turn performing a number of safety inspections. Some of the checks must be completed daily. Others are completed weekly and others are completed monthly.

Each morning, one of you picks up a form and makes the rounds. As you perform the inspection, you indicate on the form that the safety check has been completed, then you sign the form for verification.

However, there is a problem. Although you are very careful about doing your inspection regularly, when it is Adam's turn, you have discovered that he is "fudging" the tests. He is not completing the safety inspection but is signing the form to indicate that everything has been tested.

You know that this is dangerous, and that it is against the rules. You are worried that an accident might happen some day.

You telephone the supervisor and ask if you might meet with her to discuss a problem you are having. She tells you to come in an hour.

You know that you will need to give the supervisor as much information as possible. You also know that you must not come across sounding like a troublemaker.

What do you say?