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Thank you for your interest in Cabarrus College of Health Sciences. You are required to sign and submit the application agreement page at the end of the application. Your application will not be processed until this and the $50 application are received. For assistance please call 704-403-1555.

Last updated: 10/16/2013 10:29:00 AM ET

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Application for admission may be made at any time after completion of the junior year of high school. Applications are considered on a competitive basis as related to test scores, academic history (high school and college), academic and professional references, and an essay. To ensure consideration for the Fall semester the application and all supporting materials should be submitted by February 1. To ensure consideration for the Spring semester the application and supporting materials should be submitted by October 1.

Required Application Information

The College considers all applicants without regard to age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin and does not knowingly practice discrimination in its recruiting, admission, progression, graduation, withdrawal policies or in any other activities affecting students.

NOTE: According to North Carolina statutes, previous conviction of certain misdemeanors or felonies may make the applicant ineligible for licensure and/or certification in selected health care fields.

For admission to the college, all applicants must submit:

  1. A completed application and required nonrefundable application fee ($50)
  2. Evidence of US Citizenship, a current Permanent Resident Card, or a current I-551 card from the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services
  3. An official transcript showing evidence of college level credit earned or attempted

Each academic program has admissions requirements in addition to the general requirements listed above. These requirements are listed in the college catalog with the individual program curriculum information.

An interview may be requested as part of the admissions process.

NOTE: An official transcript is delivered in a sealed envelope. Transcripts that are mailed from another college are considered official. Hand carried transcripts are official unless the envelope is opened prior to receipt. North Carolina High School transcripts requested electronically via are official. Faxed transcripts are considered unofficial and may be used as working documents only.

International applicants and applicants for whom English is a second language may be asked to submit a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 550 or above to verify language proficiency.

High School Transcripts

Most North Carolina public high schools now have the capability to electronically send official high school transcripts to all 110 North Carolina colleges and universities through We encourage you to visit your school counselor to verify coursework and grades prior to requesting an electronic transcript.

To send an electronic transcript, you must:

  • Make sure you have entered the following information in your profile and/or online admission application:
    • First and Last name - This must match your legal name (use the name that appears on your report card, or check with your high school counselor).
    • NC Student Number (formerly NC WISE Student ID) - is your North Carolina public high school student identifier number and is only applicable to North Carolina High School students. Providing the NC Student Number is voluntary and if provided, will give you the opportunity to request your high school transcript electronically.
    • Current high school (or high school at time of graduation)
    • Date of birth
    • E-mail address
    • Gender
  • Be currently enrolled at or graduated from in 2013, a participating public high school in North Carolina that has converted from NC WISE to PowerSchool/HomeBase. If you are not sure about your school's current status or statusat the time you graduated, check with your school counselor.

Important Announcement:

As of November 13, 2013, electronic transcripts for some schools are now being processed from NC DPI's new PowerSchool system. Please refer to the list of schools spreadsheet to see if your school is in a district that has chosen to send from the new PowerSchool system, or if your school is in a district that has chosen to send from the NC WISE system. The differences are described below.

PowerSchool: This means that currently enrolled students can now send electronic transcripts that contain their current student information from PowerSchool.
Please note there will be a temporary process change for electronic transcripts until later this academic year for students who graduated in summer 2013 or before. NC DPI is in the process of migrating historical data from NC WISE to PowerSchool. If you graduated in summer 2013 or before, you will need to contact your high school directly to request a transcript.

NC WISE: This means that all currently enrolled students and former students can send electronic transcripts that contain their information from NC WISE. For currently enrolled seniors, please note that transcripts from NC WISE do not include any courses in which you are currently enrolled (Fall 2013).

Over the next few weeks NC DPI is working to transition all remaining schools to the new PowerSchool system. Please check this message area and the list of schools spreadsheet (link above) for the latest information.

If these conditions were met when you submitted your online application, you will then be presented with the option to request your high school transcript be sent electronically to that institution.

If you submitted an online admission application through another website or university portal, we encourage you to request your high school transcript be sent electronically to that institution from the CFNC Transcript Manager (located under the Apply tab → To College → Transcript Manager).

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Telephone: (704) 403-1555
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