Detailed Directions for Readmit Students

A student who previously was enrolled and attended any St. Andrews campus and subsequently withdrew may seek readmission to that campus, using the readmission process below.  Students who wish to return to St. Andrews through a different campus option must apply for admission to that campus using the application process for that campus.

To seek readmission you must complete the application and the following applicable requirements regarding the reason(s) you left St. Andrews and your previous enrollment:

  1. Completed application.

  2. If applicant attended another college since leaving St. Andrews:
    • an official transcript of all work completed.
    • a current catalogue of the college(s) attended.
    • a letter from one of your instructors indicating academic progress and promise.
    • Complete pdf iconApplication For Readmission.

  3. If applicant served in the armed forces since leaving St. Andrews:
    • a letter from last commanding officer indicating satisfactory performance or duty.
    • evidence of honorable release from the armed forces.

  4. If applicant was employed since leaving St. Andrews:
    • a letter from each employer indicating applicant has performed in a satisfactory manner.

  5. If withdrawal was for medical, emotional, or psychological reasons:
    • a letter from a treating physician, psychologist or counselor indicating applicant is ready to return to college.

  6. If withdrawal was for disciplinary reasons:
    • a statement from the Dean of the Students that the sanction has been fulfilled.

  7. Non-refundable readmission application fee of $100.00.  There is no additional enrollment deposit.

No action on readmission will be taken until ALL required materials have been received.  Deadlines for receipt are November 15 for spring term, July 15 for fall term, and March 15 for summer term.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that the application and all required supporting materials are received prior to the deadline.

The readmission decision will be made in light of the above information and after consideration of the student’s academic record at St. Andrews.  A student will not be readmitted if required progress toward graduation is not feasible, or if continued separation is considered to be in the best interest of the student or the College.

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